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A New Way to Think About Where to Live


Lots of things about life shifted in the wake of the pandemic, including work situations for many. Work-from-home or hybrid arrangements put in place at the height of COVID-19 stand to remain in place indefinitely as companies have learned the benefits of a remote workforce

If you’re among the many no longer bound to your employer’s physical premises, you also have the luxury of rethinking where and how you live. Now could be the perfect opportunity for a change that benefits your budget and your lifestyle. Consider one of the following tempting options.

Your Favorite Vacation Spot

If you usually pack up and head to the beach for vacation once a year, why not consider making your favorite beach town your new home town? With the ability to work remotely, your most beloved destinations can now be the place you call home instead of just vacation.

A More Rural Area

For those formerly tied to metro areas for proximity to work, moving to a more peaceful, less-populated area is now an option if you’re working remotely. This could be the perfect opportunity to get more space for your money, both in terms of square footage and land.

An Urban Center

If you’ve always wanted to live in the big city, now may be your chance. As many have moved out of the city, prices have come down in many metro areas, not to mention an increased selection. This could be the perfect time to get the urban lifestyle you always imagined.

An International Location

If you’re feeling really adventurous, you could also consider a residence outside of the U.S., from a tropical island to a quaint European town. As long as your job is completely remote and you can manage to be available despite time zones, this could be your chance to go global.

Wherever Family Is

Many are also using the opportunities presented by remote work to move closer to family members, from aging parents to siblings to new grandchildren. Consider taking advantage of your situation to connect your extended family in new ways.

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