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How to Write a Welcome Letter to the New Owner of Your Home


When it comes time to sell your first home, emotions may run high. Not only are you starting a new chapter in your life, but you are also closing one that may be full of memories. A letter from you to the new owners of your home is not only a great way to welcome them, but offers a therapeutic way for you and your family to say goodbye to your home and get closure.

Explain Why You Loved This Home

Whether you’ve raised your family for over a decade in this house, or simply spent a few years before moving into something larger, there was a reason for you choosing this home in the first place. Maybe you loved the natural light in the bedrooms or the entertainment space in the kitchen. Whatever you love about the home, share this with the new owners so they can enjoy the same features. If you had a spare bedroom or garage that you used as an office or personal yoga studio, tell them how the space positively impacted your life. You never know—you may give them an idea for how to use a room that they wouldn’t have thought of before.

Talk About the Neighborhood and Town

Since the new owners of your home are likely not from your neighborhood, give them some general information about the area, such as garbage and recycling pickup days, nearby transportation (train station, bus top, etc.) or school bus stops for all ages. Also, if your street has street parking rules, it can be helpful to them to know this for visiting family and friends. Share your favorite restaurants in town (include menus!) and local businesses, whether it be the grocery store, pastry shop or even lawn and home maintenance companies. The new homeowners will appreciate that you took the time to put these together so they can jump right into their new life.

Give Neighborhood and Household Tips 

If you live in an HOA community or a neighborhood where mailboxes are in one location, share the best time to pick up HOA items or check the mailbox. For a neighborhood with a shared fitness center or community pool, give them tips on the best times of day to visit for maximum enjoyment. 

If you have recently renovated your home, attach any instruction manuals or guides for appliances to your letter. For painting projects, keep a spare can of paint in the basement or garage in case they need to touch up a scratch or scuff, as that is a common occurrence in a new move. Another helpful tip you can share is how to best load the dishwasher. Take a photo of your loaded dishwasher layout and attach it with the letter. Though this is not necessary, it may be helpful to a new homeowner who maybe never had a dishwasher or would simply appreciate a reference.

Share a Few Favorite Memories

If you know that the new homeowners moving in have a family or are planning to raise one, they may appreciate hearing a few of your favorite family memories. Tell them how many years you raised your children in this home and some of your favorite spots around the home where you read or played together. Maybe you used your patio or deck to host dinner parties, or hosted Thanksgiving dinner with extended family in the dining room—whatever the memory, it may help the new homeowners get excited for their memories and traditions to come.

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