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4 Outdoor Spring Activities for Warm Weather Family Fun

4 Outdoor Spring Activities for Warm Weather Family Fun


Spring is the season of growth, where sunshine peeks through the blooming trees and more time is spent enjoying the great outdoors. This is the best time of year to break out of your winter routine inside, get outside for some fresh air and create lasting memories with the whole family. Here are five outdoor spring activities you and your loved ones can enjoy for warm weather fun.

Take a Hike

Check out the hiking trails at your local park and take the family for an immersive nature walk. Explore the beauty of the woods filled with wildflowers, unique bugs and large trees. Bring along a nature book to make this an educational experience where you and your kids can learn about the types of plants and trees, as well as the birds and critters in this surrounding.

Have a Picnic

Whether you bring along a few sandwiches on your hike, bring an easy meal to the beach or simply cook out in your backyard, picnics are a wonderful way to enjoy family time in the fresh air. No matter where you go, bring along a blanket, a few yummy snacks and drinks, and a relaxing state of mind to get the most of your picnic experience.

Go Golfing

Whether you plan to hit the 18-hole golf course or visit your local mini golf arena, there is no better activity to enjoy the warmth of the sun than a day playing this relaxing sport. Of course, with young kids, a mini golf course may be a better option, as they are more likely to get the ball in the hole and can express themselves more than at a course for adults. But if you have teens or adult children, a day on the links is a great way to relax and have a full day of meaningful conversations under the sun.

Fly a Kite

Another activity that you can do in your own backyard (if you have enough space), or at a park or down by the beach, flying a kite is a great way to get outside and get moving. You can find kites with endless designs, from butterflies and dragons to a more classic diamond shape full of colors. Even find some of your kid’s favorite movie and television characters! Be sure to pick a day where there is some wind, get running and enjoy this relaxing pastime with kids and adults of all ages.

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