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The Best Smart Home Tech for Your Bathroom


When it comes to smart home technology, we hear a lot about thermostats, security systems and appliances that boost efficiency. The bathroom, however, is as good a place as any to introduce the latest technology for a streamlined experience. If you’re looking to update the bathrooms in your home, here are just a few exciting ways that you can bring them into modernity.

Touch-Free Faucets

For those who want to create a more sanitary environment, touch-free faucets are the way to go. While early models had a distinctly industrial feel, these days there are more sophisticated options that look right at home in a luxurious bathroom. Faucets are typically one of the most germ-ridden parts of the home, but that will become a thing of the past with a touchless solution that utilizes motion sensors.

Smart Toilets

For decades, the toilet saw relatively few advancements, but things sure have changed quite a bit in recent years. Today’s smart toilets are full of exciting features that promise to change the bathroom experience, like self-cleaning functionality, heated seat, built-in bidet and even a warm air dryer. If that’s not enough to get excited about, eco-friendly homeowners will be pleased to hear that they’re also extremely efficient and can help to lower the water consumption in your home.

Smart Showers

If you want to upgrade your bathing routine, a smart shower is sure to do just that. You can use voice commands or save your favorite settings to ensure that the water is at just the right temperature and pressure before stepping in. Whether you prefer a rain shower that cascades down from overhead or wall-mounted body sprays that massage your joints, a smart system can be programmed to provide the perfect shower every time. For a full-sensory experience, you can even incorporate soothing lights and music to transform your shower into a tranquil oasis where all your stress is washed away.

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