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9 Tips to Make Your Resume Stand Out


If you’re looking to find a new job, dusting off your resume and ensuring it is updated is a must. Make sure that it tells your story in a way that helps you stand out. Professional resume writers offer nine ways to do just that.

  • Skip the ‘Objective Statement’ Employers know your objective is to be hired. Instead of starting out with what you want, begin your resume with a short list of your top skills and accomplishments.
  • Keep the Layout Simple – Succinct paragraphs with bolded headings in a simple format makes your resume easy to read. Use italics with discretion and avoid using logos, graphics or fancy fonts.
  • Make It Chronological, Newest First Your work experience should be listed with the most current job first, going backwards in time with educational background last. 
  • Leverage Brands You’ve Worked For Take advantage of prominent brand association by bolding the name of the company rather than your job title.
  • Emphasize Achievements – When listing past job descriptions, such as ‘Improved line production by 15%,’ is much more impressive than simply, ‘Oversaw production.’ It shows the value you added to the organization. Be sure to include promotions or expanded responsibilities to your job title over the years.
  • Use the Active Voice – It puts your skills forward. ‘I led a team of six’ is better than, ‘the campaign was completed by the six people I managed.'
  • Explain Career Gaps – People take time off from their careers for various reasons, so don’t try to hide them. Do note what you were doing during the gap time, whether it was raising children, going back to school, illness, etc.
  • Show a Bit of Self – Add a short paragraph titled ‘Other Talents and Skills.’ Listing cross-country skiing, playing the piano or even working as a food bank volunteer can give hiring managers a glimpse into who you are outside of work hours.
  • Link to Social Media – In many industries, it’s expected that you’ll have a LinkedIn profile, so make sure it’s up-to-date. You might leverage your personal website and professional Twitter presence if applicable, but leave Facebook off your resume and only link to Instagram if it shows off your creative or professional work.
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