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How to Create Park-Like Grounds Outside Your Home


In luxury real estate, we’re all familiar with the description of “park-like grounds.” It evokes a sense of natural beauty, splendor and tranquility, but achieving this atmosphere outside of your home is no small task. Here are several tips to help make your property feel like your own private park.

Walking Paths

Is there anything more relaxing than going on a stroll through the park? Well, you can do that at home by adding a few walking paths that meander across the grounds and through the garden or under a few soaring trees. You can even have a path lead to a “secret” seating area that’s surrounded by lush vegetation.

Water Features

Of course, practically every park has a water feature or two. Whether it’s an awe-inspiring fountain designed by artisans or a peaceful reflecting pool that you can sit beside, there’s no denying that a little bit of water can take your backyard to the next level. It can even attract birds and other wildlife to your property, making it feel like a true natural wonderland.


If you’re looking for a visual centerpiece to help transform the backyard, it might be time to consider adding a sculpture or statue. A little artistic flair can instantly lend a refined ambience that definitively gives your property a park-like feel and there is certainly no shortage of different styles to choose from.

Professional Landscaping

It probably goes without saying, but the best way to truly capture the essence of a park in your backyard is to work with a professional landscape designer. Their expertise is sure to make your life much easier as they steer you in the right direction and help bring your vision to life with thoughtfully-designed grounds that are full of mature trees and lush gardens.

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