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How to Use Dormer Windows When Converting Your Attic


A dormer window consists of a structure that is located on the sloped side of a roof and that juts out from the rest of the roof. A window sits vertically inside the structure and is covered by its own roof. Dormer windows can be used on homes with virtually any architectural design.

Reasons to Install Dormer Windows in Your Attic

If you’re planning to convert your attic so you can use it as an additional living area, such as a bedroom or playroom, dormer windows can provide natural light that can make the space more inviting. They can also increase ventilation to keep the attic from getting stuffy and can add visual interest to the exterior of the house.

If you want to install a bathroom at one end of your attic, you may find that challenging if the ceiling isn’t tall enough for people to walk without hitting their heads. Installing one or more dormers can give you additional clearance and create more usable space.

Design Options

Several styles of dormers are commonly used on houses with a wide range of architectural styles. Although a dormer usually matches the style of the house’s roof, that isn’t always the case. The roofing material on a dormer window generally does match the material used on the rest of the roof.

You can choose dormer windows that match the other windows in your house, or you can select ones with a different shape. Dormer windows are available in both traditional and unconventional shapes. You may also want to consider dormers with colored glass.

Some dormer styles work better with certain architectural styles than with others. If you’re thinking about installing dormer windows when you renovate your attic, look into all the design options that are available and speak with an architect about which style would best compliment your home’s current design.

Have Dormer Windows Installed by a Professional

Installing dormer windows is a complicated task. A contractor will have to construct framing, cut a hole in the roof and install flashing to prevent roof leaks. Installing one or more dormer windows in your attic can add a significant amount to the overall cost of your remodeling project. 

Despite the additional expense, you should not attempt to install dormers yourself or simply hire the contractor who quotes you the lowest price. Installing dormer windows requires specialized skills. If you don’t hire a professional who is qualified and who has relevant experience, the roof may leak.

Before you hire a company, specifically ask about the contractor’s experience installing dormer windows. Request photos of past projects and recent customers’ contact information so you can ask them if they were satisfied with the company’s work.

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